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Thursday, 2nd Dec 2021

Passers by in Canal Street may have noticed over the last couple of months the Tuesday Club volunteer group have been really busy and taking advantage of the fair weather to tackle the maintenance work on the windows and doors of the Bonded Warehouse which have been left largely untouched for many a long year.

The work required was certainly more than the proverbial ‘lick of paint’ with the high top floor windows in need of a lot of preparation before the final coat of paint could be applied. The wooden frames where they adjoin the concrete cills were very rotten as they are exposed to the sun during the day and the extremes of rain, frost and wind in the winter months. The work required gaining access by erection of our platform scaffold for the safety of our team and then gouging out the rotten timber until it was sound enough to apply wood hardener and then filler. Of course as the Tuesday Club only get together once a week the work was spread over an extended period of time which at least allowed each stage of the process to settle down and dry thoroughly before receiving the primer, undercoat and top coats of paint.

I must say that the windows and doors on the Canal Street side and ends of the Bonded Warehouse look much smarter now with shiny new coats of paint and we hope that this lasts a good few years before we need to tackle it again. Doing the same job on the canal side of the building is going to be significantly more interesting  in terms of gaining access!

Whilst a small team was working on this project other volunteers worked on the inside of the building, giving the beams in the Brindley room a really good dusting followed by a coat of varnish as well as making good a few areas of the ceiling where the white paint was flaking. The cast iron bridge at the entrance to the moorings has also been rubbed down and re-painted, though the underside remains to be done until when we can ‘borrow’ a boat to paint from. The steps to the Bonded Warehouse and the underside of the lucum above the main entrance has also been given a coat of wood treatment. The fire escape to the side is also being maintained with just a final coat of paint required to finish it off nicely.

The volunteers have done a great job and have saved the Stourbridge Navigation Trust a lot of money by taking on this large project on a voluntary basis in order to keep the building maintained to a good standard for the public. The reward however is the immense pride they take in looking after the building as well as the enjoyment of spending social time with a great bunch of fellas. We are always on the look out for new people to join us so if you are interested in talking to us about joining the team, always pop down on Tuesdays and we can tell you more about the various tasks we undertake.

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