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Saturday, 23rd Oct 2021

Stourbridge Ghost Trail (an extract from the Stourbridge Chronicle by Luke Bartlett) … on the night of Friday 4th November in 2016, Andrew Homer and a team of investigators took to the Bonded Warehouse to try to capture something paranormal on camera.

The three storey canal side building, which has parts dating back to 1799, is reported to play host to a variety of strange activities.

Both staff and visitors of the Bonded Warehouse are said to have experienced objects moving, doors opening and closing by themselves and mysterious figures appearing.

One of our esteemed Trustees (Chris Dyche ) states that there is allegedly a ghost of a man wearing a Cow-Gown (perhaps a former Store man?) who whistles through his teeth, and foot steps could be heard. Having worked in the building in the 1970’s when it was in a sad state of repair Chris found it to be a very spooky place to be in at times.

Author of “Black Country Ghosts and Hauntings”, Andrew Homer, told the Express & Star newspaper about what the investigation unearthed and how he managed to capture some of the supernatural goings-on with a small head camera.

Mr Homer said: “We had split into two groups with one group downstairs and another upstairs spending about 45 minutes seeing if we could experience anything. The upstairs group had put a trigger object down – a chair in the middle of the room with a child’s ball on it. Then my group went up ahead of me because I had to change the batteries on my head camera. I made my way upstairs and realised that the rest of the group were not there – I went over to the very edge of the room to switch my head camera on. What you hear on the video that it captured is the ball bouncing and I was nowhere near the thing – the chair was right in the middle of the room. We did try after that positioning the ball again and seeing if it would fall on its own but it didn’t. It had originally been up there for at least an hour”. We understand  that more ‘ghost hunts’ will be taking place at the bonded Warehouse during 2018 so look out for that in the local press.

So, there appears to be anecdotal and physical evidence of some sort of paranormal activity taking place in the Bonded Warehouse, but don’t let that put you off coming down to see us.!

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