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Friday, 22nd Jan 2021

Before setting about the task the Tuesday Club joked about “how many volunteers does it take to change a lightbulb?” and the responses were varied I can assure you!

However, as safety is paramount Jon Syed and Lance Cartwright went about erecting the platform to enable safe and secure access to the “Gaslamp” style streetlights in Canal Street which to say the least were in need of some attention. It’s amazing how quickly the platform went up and it felt surprisingly stable despite being partly resting on the cobbled street.

So, with easy access to the streetlight the ornamental top held on by two grub screws was quickly removed and the years of accumulating debris inside uncovered – looking like the bottom of a budgies cage and comprising of more spider carcasses than those in your worst nightmare .. oh yes, and a few mean looking live ones too !

The perspex was splattered inside the light with spider poo and remnants of the spider’s victims but this was quickly removed largely by Dave who had been drafted in to help as my short arms couldn’t reach the bottom (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) using soapy water (being careful to not drip into the bulb holder, though the power had been isolated) and before long a treatment with good old-fashioned windolene saw the rejuvenation of the lamp just in time for the Street Food Affair on the forthcoming Friday – I hope they notice !

The remaining streetlights will be given similar but more extensive treatment  in the next few weeks as they have quite sophisticated ‘electronics’ in them and the perspex needs to be replaced due to cracks and general deterioration over the years.

At least it is partly another job off the Tuesday Club list – doing one task often it seems creates another !

The small gallery below (photographs courtesy of Nic Barlow) shows the team at work.

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